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We are the Cistercians of the Strict Observance, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, also known as "Trappists" or "Trappistines". We encourage you to explore our lives by exploring these pages, especially our "Newcomer's Guide." If you are interested in becoming a Cistercian monk or nun, your will find helpful information here: Steps to Becoming a Monk or Nun and links to all of our monasteries. Please enjoy exploring this site! Learn more about us →


Daily Reflection: November 24, 2017

A young monk asked Abba Joseph: “I do what I can, fast a little, pray a little, meditate a little. What else should I do?” Joseph extended his hands and the tips of his fingers became life flames. He said: “If you want to, you can become fire.”
What does a person become who becomes all fire?

Monastic Wisdom

He has passed over!

If, after the consummation of the cross, our Lord Jesus Christ had arisen again to this our mortal existence and to the miseries of this present life, I should have said He had returned, not that  He had passed over: that He had gone back to His former condition, not transmigrated to a state more

The Newcomer's Guide to the Trappists

An Excellent Introduction to the Trappists for Young People!

Get the basics concerning a beautiful and distinctive sixteen hundred year old monastic tradition still lived by monks and nuns in the U.S. Today.


Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

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