Becoming a Trappist

People who meet Jesus experience their person and their life transformed. Their heart aches to give expression to the love awakened in them by this encounter. What if every moment of every day, and every activity you gave yourself to could all be an expression of your love for the Father through Jesus, in the Holy Spirit? Because there is in us selfishness and fear, there is work to do before our hearts can love this freely. That work, is called "conversion" and in the monastery it is the work to which we devote ourselves at every moment of every day. It is to this life that you are invited on these pages.

Our Monasteries

The journey to joining a Trappist community begins by connecting with the vocation director at one of our monasteries. We invite you to browse our monasteries to get a sense for the beautiful places we Trappists live in and find the contact information for each of our vocation directors. You may also write to us if you have immediate questions or view our retreat calendar.

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