Monastic Life

The daily life of a Cistercian monk or nun is wholly ordered to contemplation of the sacred mysteries revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and handed down to us by the church.  For nine hundred years, this distinctive way of life has flourished and continues to sanctify monks and nuns in America today.  Learn more about how Cistercian monks and nuns live by visiting the links on this page.  God bless you!


"Of Gods and Men"

This French film, which won the “Grand Prix” at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, tells the story of our Trappist brothers in Algeria who gave their lives for Christ and for the people of Algeria at a time when the country was terrorized by warring factions. The lives of these humble monks incarnate the deepest mystery of the Trappist vocation – to be poor with the poor Christ and in solidarity with the most vulnerable whom he came into the world to redeem.

We invite you to enjoy the trailer below, or learn more about this film at the official website.

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