An Angel Shows Up at the Wrong Address

One day, a brother was sweeping out cobwebs from the cellar where the monks stored garden tools when the devil suddenly appeared to him in the shadows. This demon had changed his appearance into that of a glorious angel, very tall, and astonishing in beauty; radiant and resplendent as the sun. The monks stopped working and looked at the vision for several moments. “I am the angel Gabriel!”, the demon announced. “God sent me to you!” The brother, reflecting a moment, replied, “See if you are not mistaken sir – I believe you were sent to someone else. I am not deserving of a visit from the angel Gabriel.” Hearing this, the demon was very surprised and immediately fled.


Why did the demon disguise himself as the angel Gabriel?

The demon really appeared to be an angel. Do you think it was disrespectful for the monk to speak to him the way he did?

Did the monk know the angel was really a devil?

What did the monk mean: “I am not deserving of a visit from the angel Gabriel?”

Who else, in the bible, was visited by the angel Gabriel?

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