What do you do With a Bucket of Gold?

A rich man whom none of the monks knew showed up at a monastery one day carrying with him a large suitcase full of gold. When a monk greeted him at the door of the monastery, the rich man requested that the monk receive the gold as a gift and distribute it to all the brothers. The monk answered: “Thank you sir, but my brothers and I don't need it.” Now, hearing this, the man who was wealthy and a very important person became even more insistent and would not take “no” for an answer. So, at last, the monk took the whole sum of gold from him and placed it in a big bucket at the entrance door of the church. As the monks were assembling for prayer, the abbot told them: “Whoever needs some of this gold may take some.” When all the monks were gathered in the chapel, they prayed to God with hymns of praise and thanksgiving for the gift of faith, for the monastery where they lived together in peace, and for Christ's promise of life after death. After their prayer was concluded, each monk returned to his cell. The gold in the bucket was never touched. Actually, no monk could later recall hearing any one of the brothers even mention the gold. After a few days, the abbot came to the rich man and said: “God has accepted your offering. Go, and give it to the poor.” The rich man did just as the abbot suggested and later told his friends he felt very blessed by this experience with the monks.


Why did the rich man think the monks wanted a bucket full of gold?

Why didn't any of the monks take the gold?

What do you think – were the monks rude to the rich man?

What did the abbot mean when he said: “God has accepted your offering”.

What if a rich man came and put a bucket of gold next to the front door of your house?


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