Crozet is planning a new church!
Friday, February 28, 2014 - 08:46

The American Region rejoice in this good news from our sisters at Crozet:

"We share with you our joy and gratitude for God’s many blessings on our monastery since its beginning 25 years ago.  A special cause for thanksgiving is the expansion of our community.  We have outgrown our temporary chapel!   And with the increasing number of guests who come to pray and worship with us, we are greatly encouraged that now is the time to complete our monastery by building the monastic church.

"This will be much more than another construction project, since the whole life of our community revolves around the church.  We gather there seven times a day in communal worship, to praise and thank God and to intercede for all the human family.  From the church we go out to our various forms of work here at the monastery, and to the church we return for our most essential work – the life of prayer.  You are present and a part of this life of prayer.

"In keeping with our long tradition of Cistercian architecture, we hope to build a church where the glory of God is revealed in beauty, harmony and simplicity – a sacred place where all who wish may come for personal prayer and for communal worship that is both reverent and joyful.  In keeping with Cistercian practice in the use of local materials and labor, we are envisioning a simple but beautiful structure of brick and native stone."

You can read more here.

Presentation of Our Lord
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 09:19

On February 2, we remember the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple as recounted in the second chapter of the gospel of St. Luke. Simeon and Anna both come to witness to the Lord's Presence.

During this time we also renew our own consecration to the Lord. John Paul II wrote an apostolic exhortation on the consecrated life which is good to read (and re-read) at this season.

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