Why is it so Hard for Us to Have an Argument?

       There were two old monks who had lived together in peace for many years and they never quarreled. Now, one day, the one turned to the other and said: O.k., let's try just once to have an argument like other people do. But his brother replied after a moment: “I'm not sure I know how.” The other replied: “Look, it's easy” – I will put a brick on the floor between us. I say – “This brick is mine”, and then you say, “No, it's mine”, and after that we get into an argument. So they took a brick and put it on the floor between them and one of them said: “This is mine”, and the other said: “No sir, this brick is mine” and, answering him, the first said: “You're right. It's all yours. Go ahead and take it with you if you like.” And, after this, each went his way unable to fight with the other.


Questions for Reflection:

    Why did the monks want to argue the way other people do?
    What did the monk mean when he said: “I'm not sure I know how to get into an argument?”
    Is the monk right? Does an argument usually begin by one person saying to the other: “This is mine!”?
   Why did the first monk give in so quickly?




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