Visitor's Questions

An encounter with the age-old hidden life of monks and nuns can awaken a variety of responses in those formed by contemporary American culture. Cistercian monks and nuns recognize this and are happy to answer questions put to us by visitors to our monasteries. We welcome any questions you might have and our responses are offered as an expression of monastic hospitality. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your questions.

We are as free as God is? O.k. - what does that mean?

In your answer to the person seeking "a meaning to life", part of your response was as follows: "...You were created free. In fact the freedom of consent you give to anything, lays hold of its object as efficaciously as God's “yes” to God's own Self". Please, if you could I would be most grateful if you'd explain  it in simpler terms what exactly does that mean?


I wonder about what meaning life has. Might I find it in helping others?

I have never known God. The fact that I am writing these words is astounding to me. I have suffered many things throughout my life, and so I often ask what life is all about? I do not have the answer for this question. Recently, I have been studying to become a doctor so that I can use the skills and knowledge to help others. I wish through helping others I could find some meaning in life. However, the study is difficult, and I doubt my ability.

Do you allow people of other faiths or no faith to make retreats at your monasteries?

Hi. I have developed a strong interest in subjects pertaining to theology, religion, and Christian mysticism.  I am not a Roman Catholic, but I am fascinated by the contemplative life.  My question is: do you allow people of other or non-defined faiths to make retreats at
monasteries for short periods of time?


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