Becoming a Monk or Nun

Can a woman with an eighteen year old son enter a Trappist monastery?

Would a Trappistine abbey accept a woman with a grown, 18 year old son? Or would this be considered a serious impediment to monastic life? Would a Trappistine abbey accept a divorced woman whose marriage has been annulled by the Church?

I am in a non-regularized marriage for thirty years - can I become a monk?

I have been in a non regularized marriage for more than thirty years. My wife and I are living as brother and sister at present in order to be able to receive the Eucharist rightly. I have always wanted to be some sort of religious. I have always loved the simplicity and poverty of Cistercian spirituality. I realize that I must either regularize my marriage or dissolve it.

Can someone who has college debt join the Trappistines?

I am a recent Masters graduate and have incurred a little bit of debt (around $14,000). I know that some orders allow those with debt to enter (they are allowed to work their debt off as they make their vows). Is it possible with this order? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of these questions! God Bless!

Can I be a nun if I have a medical condition?

I am Catholic and feel I might be called to the life, but I have a mild medical condition and need to take medicine. Would I still be able to be a nun or would I be refused just because medicine costs a little bit of money? I'm in my early 40's would I be denied entry just because I'm not under 39 or 35 or 25 (I know some other orders say be under this age or that age and one I saw requires you to be under 25)?

Is there a Third Order of the Trappists Monks?

I have always been at home alone out in the woods. 16 years ago I broke my neck, and have relied on people to care for me in a nursing home. The noise is unbearable, but fortunately I have a private room and I have found the Lord Christ. Is there a Third Order of the Trapists Monks? Presently, I am a Third Order member of the Confraternity of Penitents, of the original 1221 Rule.

Are goods usually assigned to the monastery/community one is joining?

"Before taking vows, a monk or nun must assign the administration of his or her goods to someone else" Are goods usually assigned to the monastery/community one is joining? What typically happens?

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