Visitor's Questions

An encounter with the age-old hidden life of monks and nuns can awaken a variety of responses in those formed by contemporary American culture. Cistercian monks and nuns recognize this and are happy to answer questions put to us by visitors to our monasteries. We welcome any questions you might have and our responses are offered as an expression of monastic hospitality. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your questions.

How have contemplatives changed since Middle Ages?

How has your lives changed since the middle ages? I am doing a course and one of the questions is about comtemplatives and how they have changed.  Thank you.

Monks don't have contact with people - what do you pray about?

I have a very specific question: what do monks pray about? A cloistered monk does not have the challenges, I assume, of someone in the outside world. Nor does a cloistered monk have contact with people for whom he might pray. So what is the content of a monk's prayers? Does he pray for the whole world? For himself? For his brother monks? I would very much like to know.

How exactly does the Holy Spirit help us to grow in holiness?

If our goal is holiness, how does revelation, our passions, virtue and grace; especially the gift of the Holy Spirt , help us reach that goal?

How is Devotion to Mary Manifested in the Lives of Trappists?

Peace of Jesus.  I am interested to know if the monks and nuns pray the rosary in common.  Also, could you explain the Trappist devotion to Mary and how this is manifested in your daily lives?

Can a Trappist be my Spiritual Director?

Laudetur Jesus Christus!  I am a non-Catholic who would like to become Catholic. Can I have a Trappist  monk as my spiritual director?


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