Guadalupe Abbey

Located on 1343 acres of environmentally protected forest and farmland in the wine country south-west of Portland Oregon.
Founded by Our Lady of the Valley in 1948 in Pecos New Mexico, then moved to Oregon in 1955.
Infused with a spirit of prayerful contemplation, built up by mutual support of good and holy men living Gospel values in brotherly love.

Guest House:
We operate a small non-denominational retreat facility for both men and women. Each of our four retreat cottages houses two retreatants -- one upstairs and one downstairs -- and a shared bath is located at a mid-level between floors. The cottages are set in a village arrangement near the monastery church, yet in a lovely setting amid ponds and grassy areas. Nearby paths lead through a wooded hillside of about 800 acres. Guests eat the same vegetarian meals that are served to the monks in the monastery.

Vocation Director Name: 
Brother Chris
Box 97 Lafayette, OR 97127
29 monks spanning three generations.
Principal means of support: 
bookbindery, a bakery, forestry management, and wine warehouse.

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